Who We Are?

Miss Universe India Organisation is a visionary institution by Glamanand dedicated towards emancipating Indian women and giving their voices a platform that amplifies their stories and their ideas to bring about a positive change. We aim at creating an all inclusive safe space for women from different walks of life, different cultures, backgrounds and religions to come together and serve the purpose. By handing the baton to a strong minded leader with a heart of gold - we aspire to inspire a ripple effect of true empowerment.

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Nikhil Anand is the new National Director of Miss Universe India

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Nikhil Anand, esteemed President of Glamanand Entertainment Private Limited, has been appointed to the prestigious role of National Director for Miss Universe India. With his extensive experience in the entertainment industry and unwavering commitment to promoting empowerment and diversity, we are confident that Nikhil will lead with passion and vision, further elevating the Miss Universe India platform. Join us on this remarkable journey to inspire and empower individuals across the nation.

What Drives Us?

India is so culturally diverse and magnificent as a country that we have the luxury to ignore countless customs and talents that we possess. We're done underselling our beauty. The Miss Universe India Organisation dreams of not just acknowledging these forgotten gems, but also providing them a platform to shine. The Glamanand era aims at delivering a pageant revolution in India to bring glory to its people at the international stage of Miss Universe. 

Creating Opportunities

We at Glamanand believe that a beauty queen has more to do with being a queen than just beauty. Our Miss Universe India Crownholders shall carry the responsibility of serving the community and aiding us in bringing light to those in the dark. 

Breaking Stereotypes

True Empowerment happens when both men and women come together with the aim of demoliting all forms of disparity and establishing true equality. With Miss Universe India - Glamanand strives towards breaking stereotypes of modern day Pageantry and bridging the gap between the different demographics in India. Be the change you want to see!

Thank you for considering Glamanand. We value your interest and look forward to assisting you.

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